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суббота, 10 апреля 2010 г.
Jonas Brothers & Family: Cambio Sneak Peek! Ronnie Rhys Meyers 06:12:38
The Jonas Brothers surround themselves with family and friends as they announce the coming of Cambio.com, an all-new interactive site that keeps you up to date on the Jonas family.

Cambio.com is a new website from Jonas Management. It hasn’t officially launched yet, but when it does you’ll get an unprecedented level of access to some of your favorite music artists like Demi Lovato, Jordin Sparks and KSM.

You’ll also be up to date with your favorite starlets including Meaghan Martin, Katelyn Tarver and Anna Maria Perez de Tagle. Check out the video below and stay tuned for more info!

пятница, 2 апреля 2010 г.
Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato - Oceans Outtakes & Bloopers Ronnie Rhys Meyers 17:21:37
Посмотрите хДД
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Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam Site! Ronnie Rhys Meyers 09:42:19
Новый сайт.
четверг, 1 апреля 2010 г.
Camp Rock 2 Ronnie Rhys Meyers 15:52:02
Нашла еще несколько фото.
Качество ужасное.Взяли?Отпис­ались!

Подробнее…­­ ­­
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понедельник, 29 марта 2010 г.
KCA Ronnie Rhys Meyers 16:16:28
4 видео с KCA-скачать
­­­­ ­­ ­­

KCA download! Ronnie Rhys Meyers 15:59:26
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Camp Rock 2 Ronnie Rhys Meyers 14:05:21
Новые фото c Camp Rock2

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Kids' Choice Awards 2010 Ronnie Rhys Meyers 13:26:28
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воскресенье, 28 марта 2010 г.
Nickelodeon's 23rd Annual Kids' Choice Awards Ronnie Rhys Meyers 07:56:23
Miley Cyrus for winning Favorite Movie Actress!
Selena Gomez for winning Favorite TV Actress
and Dylan Sprouse for winning Favorite TV Actor!

Congrats to them :)­


Подробнее… ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­
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суббота, 27 марта 2010 г.
Jonas Fans sing Much Better during Forever & Always Ronnie Rhys Meyers 08:55:14
Посмотрите это видео,смешно!!!
И с одной стороны Тейлор жалко
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пятница, 26 марта 2010 г.
Concert in New Found Glory Ronnie Rhys Meyers 19:09:38
Concert in New Found Glory

Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato First Interview As A Couple Ronnie Rhys Meyers 12:34:31
Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato First Interview As A Couple
А также фото с "American Idol"

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четверг, 25 марта 2010 г.
'Make a Wave' on American Idol 03/24/10 Ronnie Rhys Meyers 13:41:30
А вот и нормальное качество как и обещала..
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Make a Wave Live on American Idol Ronnie Rhys Meyers 10:19:12
Извините за качетво,но другого не было..
вторник, 23 марта 2010 г.
Demi & Joe to perform on American Idol! Ronnie Rhys Meyers 09:10:22
Just in: Miley Cyrus will appear as a guest mentor on American Idol to help the Top 11 finalists – Didi Benami, Crystal Bowersox, Lee Dewyze, Andrew Garcia, Casey James, Aaron Kelly, Michael Lynche, Siobhan Magnus, Paige Miles, Katie Stevens and Tim Urban – prepare for their performances on tomorrow night's show (Fox, 8 p.m ET live/PT tape-delayed.). The theme is Billboard No.1 Hits.
On Wednesday's results show (9 p.m. ET live/PT tape-delayed), Cyrus will perform her hit When I Look At You. Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato will also be on hand to sing Make A Wave.
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суббота, 20 марта 2010 г.
Camp Rock 2 Its on Preview Ronnie Rhys Meyers 11:05:28
четверг, 18 марта 2010 г.
E! News Talks Disney's Love Triangles Ronnie Rhys Meyers 13:17:44
Can you tell which one is real?

Selena Gomez stands next to Selena Gomez in this sneak peek from E!News of her new wax figure.

The 17-year-old actress’ reaction: “Oh my God, that’s so weird! I don’t like that…(laughs).”

The new Selena wax figure will be debuted at Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in Washington, D.C.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Selena’s new wax figure?

среда, 17 марта 2010 г.
Make a Wave Ronnie Rhys Meyers 17:03:55

Download Song

Download Video
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UnderWater Tour Ronnie Rhys Meyers 15:21:37
Go Behind the Scenes with Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas as they talk about Disney Channel's New Nature Film "Oceans" Coming to Theatres Earth Day April 22, 2010.
вторник, 16 марта 2010 г.
Shopping in Los Feliz and going to a park! Ronnie Rhys Meyers 14:24:32

Подробнее… ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­
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The Road to Camp Rock 2 Part 4 Ronnie Rhys Meyers 14:07:28
Demi Lovato gets the giggles in this behind-the-scenes video from the upcoming Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam.

The 17-year-old actress shared about her character, Mitchie, “We were kind of alike in the first movie too, where we both really didn’t know who we were and just wanted to fit in. I was new to Disney Chanel and wanted to make friends. In this movie, there’s no lying, she’s found her own and going in there confident. I feel that’s how I feel now — a lot more confident.”

Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam premieres this summer on Disney Channel.
суббота, 13 марта 2010 г.
VIDEOS: ON SET OF “MAKE A WAVE” Ronnie Rhys Meyers 10:23:41
Go behind the scenes of the
“Make a Wave” music video with Demi and Joe
in this Radio Disney Exclusive for
The Celebrity Take with Jake.
For more behind the scenes,
go to http://radiodisney.­com

Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas On the Set of “Make A Wave” Video
Youtube: RadioDisney

Radio Disney Total Access takes you behind the scenes with Demi
Lovato and Joe Jonas
on their song “Make A Wave”
For more videos,
go to http://radiodisney.­com

Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato Make A Wave on Radio Disney Total Access
Youtube: RadioDisney
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Make a Wave Ronnie Rhys Meyers 08:59:54
Вот наконец то и клип вышел!
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пятница, 12 марта 2010 г.
Make A Wave Lyrics Ronnie Rhys Meyers 10:16:46
You said the being of a butterflies wings,
Can set off a storm in the world away.
What if that rides in the smallest of things
Can power the strongest hurricane?
What if youd only hold the key inside?
Youd hold the key to turn the tide.

Just a peddle in the water (ohh)
Can set the sea in motion (ohh)
A simple act of kindness (ohh)
Can stir the widest ocean
If we show a little love
Heaven knows what we could change (oh yeah)
So throw a peddle in the water
And make a wave, make a wave.

The single joys that you take and send
You touch your hand with someone in need (hold somebody)
Dont pull yourself and say you cant
You never know what congruous for just one scene (yeah).

So come with me and seize the day
This world may never be the same.

Just a peddle in the water,
(Just a peddle in the water)
Can set the sea in motion,
(Can set the sea in motion)
A simple act of kindness (ohh)
Can stir the widest ocean
If we show a little love,
(If we show a little love)
Heaven knows well make a change,
(Heaven knows well make a change)
So throw a peddle in the water,
(So throw a peddle in the water)
Make a wave, make a wave.



Heaven know well make a change
Just show a little love
You never know if something could change
Just throw a peddle in the water (ohh)
Make a wave, make a wave.

Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh
четверг, 11 марта 2010 г.
Make a Wave Ronnie Rhys Meyers 16:12:06
Make a Wave
Friends for Change
(Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas)Video Preview

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